The past couple of days were ‘surreal but nice’. As a matter of fact, the irony in this stark understatement just exactly depicts my frame of mind during the past couple of days which seemed like a dream within a dream and left me as overwhelmed and amazed as William Thacker must have been in Notting Hill. I always used to believe Hugh Grant was exaggerating the emotions of the role but L.A. taught me better. I had the big honour to attend the Oscar party of Elton John aka #eltonjohnacademyawardviewingparty aka #EJAF25 with SYOSS and SKIP. Thank you so much for taking me to this city of dreams!


I felt like a movie star around-the-clock: Together with six amazing girls and our three organizers we were staying at the 5 star Huntley Hotel situated in the fancy district Santa Monica. We enjoyed our brekkie at a 360-degree-view penthouse bar every day being followed by extensive shopping tours (we got almost $ 1000,- pocket money and were ‘forced’ to spent it all) and video shootings on the beach with the gorgeous Elisabeth Sereda. You can sneak a peek at the videos HERE. However, I think I won’t be going shopping for at least a month now since we fell for the frenzy 24/7 with Syoss and Skip setting the bar quite high. We were trudging the creme de la creme boutiques in Beverly Hills amongst others visited Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, Swarovski – only for me to end up buying THE shoe of shoes and probably most expensive shoes of my life. The one and only legendary Manolo Blahniks. I now kind of understand the rush of adrenaline Carrie Bradshaw experienced when buying these fabulous must-haves. Happy me, it so happened that they even perfectly matched my couture gown – the absolutely amazing and hand made ‘goddess dress’ designed by LENA HOSCHEK head of couture Thomas Kirchgrabner. Having had experienced countless WOW-times over the week, the highlight was but yet to come. All of us were ready: SARAH had defied a robbery in Topanga to get hold on the only Sophia Webster shoes in town. ZOE beamed radiantly with her new Jimmy Choo clutch, and I had my Manolos ready.


All of us were extensively prepped, styled, and briefed for Elton John’s party, when we went off in our brightly polished limo. We were pretty nervous at first but loosened up as soon as we spotted the first celebrities and the perfectly easy going atmo on the blue carpet. Selfies and autographs were a no-go which was why I decided to turn off my phone and simply enjoy the party. There was no press allowed inside which is why everybody was super relaxed and jolly chatting with each other. We met Tim Allen, John Legend, and Caitlyn Jenner. Sharon Stone was sitting on the neighbouring table. Gordon Ramsey had designed our five course menu (and by the by paid my gown a compliment). We didn’t see much of Heidi though who was bantering around with her beloved Vito but were quite in awe of the permanently posing topmodels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Josephine Skriver. Also we met the German-gang Barbara Meier, Frauke Ludowig, and Hape Kerkeling. Everybody was shockingly charming and really really nice. We indulged in Moet, costly Tequila, Whisky Sours, and had several Vodka shots. Except for the utterly dreadful “La La Land” x “Moonlight” confusion the party was shinding! I know what you think now and yes – I was super hungover (and super sad that we had to leave) the next day. This trip was spot-on the depiction of “time flies” but I dare say I could have stayed forever.


My mind is still hovering inbetween dizziness and jetlag but for what I can say now this was an unforgettable magic we enjoyed to the fullest. Thank you SYOSS and SKIP for creating this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is a memory I will never forget. PLUS I came to realize that everytime I think about Hollywood now this reminds me about you, my Manolos, and the damn awesome time we had. Cudos! xx







































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    1. Ich fand die Zeit auch einfach MEGA! Freue mich riesig dich zu kennen <3 apropos > wir müssen wieder Mal was macheeeen : D <3

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