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As you may have noticed I have been nominated for this years MADONNA BLOGGER AWARD. It is a major honour to be nominated for blogger of the year in the category LIFESTYLE together with the inspiring mates LIONHEADED, LEONIE-RACHEL, and WAYOFJAY. Of course it would be absolutely terrific if you could give your vote for me HERE directly, daily, and by-the-by without any subscriptions. However, I would like to talk more about my thoughts on the award and the institution standing behind it.

When blogs emerged about ten to fifteen years ago everybody was believing it to be a volatile phenomenon that would fade away at some point along the technical / media / social media evolution. Back then basically everybody was questioning the quality of content and massive amount of NONSENSICAL INFORMATION laymen kept producing eagerly, the technically unqualified authors with their proportionally questionable and unwary readership and so on. Much has changed ever since and I will spare you the details on what followed.

Blogs turned into megaphones with blogger having become influencers on many levels. They are activists, critics, models, and chefs shaping general public ideas and beliefs about aesthetics on different topics. It was not only the further development of social media channels such as INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and SNAPCHAT that fostered the personalization, possibilities, and interconnectivity of the personal webspaces but also media itself. Especially media such as MADONNA MAGAZINE. Percy Bysshe Shelley once said “Nought may endure but mutability” and I do believe this holds for media as well. Publishing houses and media in general who are visionary will persist through taking risks and embracing new concepts, through paying attention and listening to young peer groups and continually adapting to what’s lying out there. MADONNA was founded in 2007 and I believe Jenny Fellner and her team do an excellent job in catching the modern spirit and transforming it into a zeitgeisty form which is the very magazine itself. The Blogger Award they initiated about three years ago is just one example of this vision and one way to pay their respect to all national and international bloggers in the various domains of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, newcomer, and some more.

You may find blogger (or their blogs) cheesy, embarrassing, egocentric, unsubstantial or else. There are mere instagram photo blogs as well as mere youtube blogs you may find either way too superficial or way too reduced. However, blogs have become more than part of reality. They have become a considerably influential part of the public opinion which deserves being treated with respect or at least recognition. Having said this I would like to end this sermon with a big THANK YOU for all of your support and a huge cudo to MADONNA MAGAZINE for picking me top candidate amongst so many amazing blogger worldwide.