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I came to think about couture lately since I was invited to visit Vienna’s renowned Kaffeesiederball and the absolutely glamourous ELTON JOHN ACADEMY AWARD VIEWING PARTY – on both events I had the honor to wear couture made by LENA HOSCHEK ATELIER head Thomas Kirchgrabner. The dresses couldn’t be more different and both in their own way matchless by incorporating the epitomy of perfection – on the one hand a fullbloom muted colored heavy sculpture dress and on the other hand a doveblue aerial silk gown. Haute Couture means the idea of uniqueness and those dresses gave me this feel bang on.

Having said this, what lays at the heart of Haute Couture is the utmost ability of craftmanship as well as the designers creativity and longing to produce something unique and exceptional. In Paris you have all those absolutely fabulous Haute Couture shows which I dare believe to be one of the reasons for Paris’ top-class fashion status. DIOR, CHANEL, and of course VALENTINO really could mesmerize you. But also think back at the epic THIERRY MUGLER FALL WINTER 1995 show. These shows are more than just simple presentations of high-end fashion – they are an arthistic synthesis of the theatrical set, the music, and of course the technical and creative ability of the designer.


However, I suggest you check out ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER’S SPRING SUMMER 2017 show. Though it unfortunately became epic for Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadids appearance it has much more to offer, namely a new view on couture and WHY THE PERSPECTIVE ON COUTURE REMAINS SO NARROW. The message: Couture does not only reduce itself to elegance per se. As said before it centres on craftmanship and creativity. Vauthier transforms the idea of couture and expands it by creating a symbiosis of 80ies symbols and iconic fashion pieces (such as the minidress) and transforming them into an extreme hovering somewhere between desire and the exceptional. I’m a big fan of transformations as this particular one since they overcome classical ideas of what the masses would describe as aesthetically beautiful and moves towards being sublime. #strikeapose