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I hate shopping pants. There always is a part about this type of garment that just doesn’t seem to fit right. That’s one reason why I like to shop jeans second hand. My besties are Marshall’s dating back to the (I guess) 60ies having had their revival in the (I guess) 90ies-Baywatch-heyday. Their cut exactly resembles my figure which is thin waist and a little less thin hips.

However, during the past couple of years I found two alternatives to my pants problem which have suited me perfectly fine: I either wear leggins with oversized tops OR I buy chinos two sizes bigger, pull them up and wrap the top end around my waist in what ends up as being a PAPERBAG SILHOUETTE. It works wonders and looks simply fantastic. You can combine any type of top to it and so vary the style along the range wearing it comfy casual way up to flamboyantly elegant.

I definitely am not the go-with-every-trend type of girl but I gotta say that the evolving paperbag silhouette really really makes me happy. Everybody who isn’t super slender from the waist down is just made for this type of pants. The only thing you need to keep in mind is: Don’t pick them too long AND buy them big enough in order to create the “loose fit” look.