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Have you ever given a thought about role models? For various reasons role models are some chameleon-like mixture of idols and inspirational figures. While I don’t have many role models, there are some people who have been quite inspirational for me for various reasons, among them

A. my parents for just being absolutely all-time fabulous and supportive

B. all of my crazy amazing friends whom I can’t list in particular for the sake of the alphabets letter limitation

C. self-confident and energetic queen B

D. visionary entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs and

E. Riccardo Simonetti who has remained strong in being himself through all the various criticism and societal hardships

What I find particularly inspiring is not that much what these people have achieved or done but rather their perspective on life and how they get on about things, which is hands on, solution-focused, positivistic, kind, and well-considered. I believe people internalizing those qualities #shinebrightlikeadiamond, they do stand out and make a difference. Of course there are so many more role models in all the various domains of life – people who inspire you to think bigger – which is why I leave the sharper focus on individual meaningful particulars to you.