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There is this thing you may not know about me and I guess you’re doing it too. So, there you go: I’m a complete TV series junkie. Though I have phases in which I’ve hardly any time to answer my emails or call my grannies there strangely always seems to be an hour or three for a couple of episodes of a whole bunch of absolutely amazing TV series. I even wrote a diploma thesis on the topic since the feeling was growing on me that TV series kind of are becoming what movies used to mean back in the past.

Just think about the first sitcom ever: I love Lucy. The idea of this classic creation really shaped the genre of the sitcom which kind of persisted up until a couple of years ago. From episode to episode the idea was to show a brief and humorous depiction of the struggles of a fictional character; without any bigger contextual link inbetween the episodes of the series. And look where we’ve come now: Stemming from the genius hollywood writers, the genre has transformed into something huge and meaningful with the implementation of intricate multifaceted storylines and profound characterizations; I mean just think about Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.

Still, I do love modern TV series just as much as any sitcom there may be. They are full of magic and creativity, and by the by happen to be a great distraction. Also at this point I would like to apologize to Simon for the many episodes of quite a lot of series I secretly watched without him. However, below you see MY TOP 10 TV SERIES OF ALL TIME. If anyone has any further recommendations feel free to comment!


King of Queens : this is my childhood sitcom. i love it and know it by heart. best: the Doug & Carrie song, and the pole dance episode.

Parks & Recreation : can there be more? please! i mean Chris Pratt was super and only topped by Nick Offerman aka legendary Ron Swanson.

Curb your enthusiasm : it’s a bit like with Woody Allen. you either love Larry David or you don’t. i watch CYE every once in a while. the situational comedy is absolutely hilarious!

House of Cards : have i mentioned that i love Kevin Spacey? even after learning about all the crazy stuff he’s been doing in L.A. (no it wasn’t funny)..

Suits : guys wearing suits just do look hot. especially when they are smart and charming..

Stranger Things : at first i fell in love with the 80ies synth soundtrack and then realized at minute 5 that i would definitely binge watch ST

Game of Thrones : i never was into the middle ages but all the stuff that is going on there is just “i’m just over here like eating my popcorn”

Friends : best scene ever? Ross getting his teeth bleeched!

Desperate Housewifes : the combo of absurd situations and confidently cool housewives really lets this series deserve a cudo

Gossip Girl : there are some classics everyone must have seen .. xoxo