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As you may have seen on MY INSTASTORIES I have been testing clay for quite a while now. The fascination about clay got me then and there. After having seen like the billionth spon on the net I decided to try it on. I really scheduled for using a facial clay mask for at least 6 weeks and at least 4 times a week. It didn’t feel as nasty as I expected. Also, the wash-it-off moment was pretty easy to get since I only had to wait for it to dry up and change to light concrete grey.






However, as to the result, there really isn’t any. My skin neither got better nor worse. I do have to admit that with all aspects concerning my derma I have always been quite blessed. Maybe it was in great part to my mums tip: I have been using Micellar water since I’m like 10y (?!?). Still, I thought that clay – which happened to be advertised as some kind of miracle drug everywhere – would make the pores around my nose (for example) dissappear or at least do something. Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m disappointed for I didn’t have any expectations at all, plus the clay mask I got was as cheap as 7 quid and lasted until the very last session.