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Summer is coming up (hopefully as soon as it stops snowing), which means more time in the sun and diving into hyperreality at for example one or the otherĀ music festival. Simon and me are planning on checking up on these ones here, make sure to check them out:


OPEN AIR 18.-20.8.2017

Always wanted to visit Dockville in Hamburg and now it comes as my pre-birthday party. Even though Simon and me saw Sohn at Berghain which is accoustic-wise quite hard to top, its all about the vibes and the whole line-up, which features Golf, Leyya, King Krule, Mount Kimbie, SSIO, Crack Ignaz, Captain Planet, and some more.

Tanz durch den Tag

OPEN AIR 30.6.- 2.7.2017

I really really love this festival which combines music, arts, performances, workshops, and many many more into some chameleonlike relaxed miracle. If you’re wondering: Yes, it used to be for free but has grown over the past seven years. I guess it’s the usual development of a happening where at some point it just reaches THE point where it either stops working or becomes professional. Well, the crew has moved it up to a whole new level now. I’m really looking forward to acts such as Bocksrucker, Heap, Simon Heidemann, Mirella, Vladimir Ivkovic, SEDVS, and you know what, just click the sub and check the line-up yourself.

Rock in Vienna

OPEN AIR 2.-5.6.2017

This one’s big and follows the steps of Rock in Park. I usually try to avoid huge festivals but there are some acts I have on my bucket list. My highlight here definitely areĀ Kings of Leon.