Last week I spent a couple of days in Rovinj, whis happens to be one of the most picturesque cities in Croatia and in general. Basically this was one of my favourite types of holidays – namely one that is filled with loads of spare time, no obligations, and hardly any plans. Many of you asked me for tips in this magic city as quite a lot of you obviously are planning to visit Rovinj aaand super jealous me has 3 scarce but oh my must-do’s:



  1. Stroll around Rovinj bare-foot and explore all the amazing craftmanship stores. The city is paved with smooth and mildly cold cobblestones but you should still take care though.













2. Make sure to try traditional istrian pasta at the restaurant ACQUA2. I too thought “what a silly name!” but believe me the service is super friendly, the prices are ok, and the food is just absolutely amazing. Bold fish lovers should ask the service whether they have some freshies up and to all the rest: Go for fish carpaccio as a starter and follow up with truffled istrian pasta which happens to resemble our ‘Schupfnudel’ #istrianpasta




3. If you are looking for some sun there are 3 different beaches I can warmly recommend you: The city beach is located in the very city centre, right below the Sveta Eufemija church panorama on the side that is looking towards the Katarina island. It is a fabulous place to get some quick refresh. Talking of Katarina island – a small insular that is just a 3 min. boatride from Rovinj – offers you like the best and closest secret spot for #cliffjumping. You can start low at around 3m, then hang on to the 7m rock, and finally go jump at the 12m crag. Finally, if you are looking for some cosy time to do some swimming and tanning without these nerve wracking pebbles you should head for the big rocks between Polari and Vestar. We stumbled upon them by accident and were thrilled. It’s huge sleek rocks that protrude directly into the water.