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Think I haven’t yet told you about my latest IG crushes that follow the absolutely fun episode with CHRIS PRATTS diet phase. So, I am currently super crazed with two accounts: @90stherock – this fancount is permanently posting the same picture with a different hilarious joke about the Rock’s sixpack. Also as a huuuge fan of Knickerbockerbande, Tom Turbo and the like I have been following my child hero @thomasbrezina for the past couple of months now and gotta say he really turned the whole social media world around and got to the point of it. Mr. Brezina is super friendly, always on track with making superb instastory mysteries, and involves his fans in the creation of his newly published detective story “Alte Geister ruhen unsanft” – a sequel of the Knickerbockerbande which I just can’t wait to get hold of. Check them out and let me know what you think!