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Hi everybody! A couple of days ago just before our trip to Paris I posted some instastories which involved extracts of my beauty routine. I was surprised by the huge resonance, your interest, and questions regarding the topic, which is why I decided to do a detailed post on my beauty routine (skin only) as well as my thoughts on dermal aspects. This post is not sponsored and please do note that I am neither a dermatologist, nor a cosmetician, or skin specialist in any way. The ideas you find below are merely my own thoughts on skin – derived from my own experience and pop cult research. Especially do note that every person has a skin type of their own, which hence is in need of individual skin care. Having covered all the pro forma…


Quite frequently I meet girls who are unhappy about their skin for various reasons. I guess the main issue can be summed up under the term ‘skin blemishes’ which further cause problems such as irritations or acne. I absolutely feel with everybody who suffers a skin condition. When I encounter only one pimple in my face it seems to draw all my attention to it and the only thing I see when looking in the mirror is the pimple which leaves me feel really uncomfortable to go out in public. In general I think I have been blessed with fairly uncomplicated skin but still there are so many aspects that have influence on this biggest of our organs despite genes. What plays an additional role are also hormonal processes, environmental influences such as pollution, fine dust, and sun exposure, stress, sleep pattern, hydration, diet, and last but not least the individual beauty routine. What you may have realized is that the first couple of aspects are difficult to handle on your own. Contrastingly (and consequently), the last three aspects are something everybody does have direct control over and can hence focus to optimize. But before we look at the beauty routine itself there are some…


No matter which type of skin you have there are some aspects everybody has in common and knowing about those will make it easier for you to find out in a natural and very basic way what is best for your skin. In my opinion the skin is one of the most fascinating human bodypart. As mentioned before it is the biggest of our organs and also as a laymen I’d say it doesn’t look like what anyone would imagine the typical organ to be which may be the reason why we tend to forget about it’s core nature. So here come two of the most important aspects you need to keep in mind: First, skin is part of the body (no shit!) which consists of about 70 percent water. The latter is a crucial subject when it comes to skin and the way it develops. Second, skin resurfacing takes about four weeks time, which means that the cells of the skin renew themselves our whole life in the cycle of about 28 days. Consequently, old cells are being pushed to the surface, dry out, and then just come off like flakes. I know this sounds utterly irrelevant but it’s kind of the most important things you need to know about skin in general because it tells us that A. we need to hydrate well, drink enough water and keep our diet straight and B. no matter what issue we may have with our skin we get a perennial number of second chances to improve the status quo.


Before I tell you about my personal extrinsical beauty routine I’d like to address some dietal aspects. Everybody has their own piacles. Some binge drink, others are heavy smokers. I love chocolate. I really try to cut down sugar (which happens to be one of the worst things to take in generally speaking) but then I see a macaron or a nougat croissant and just fall for it immediately. That’s ok and one really shouldn’t be rigourously overdoing things. When cautioned by my mom my grandad always used to say “For christ sake, I want to enjoy my life! What is it good for to live forever without coffee and cigarettes!” There you had my grandad, gorg Mariah Carey, and Jim Jarmusch having one thing in common: They had totally figured that the key of life lies in keeping everything balanced. The same goes for skin. Of course it would be absolutely amazing if we could just stick to water and fresh veggies but they won’t give us the comfort we get out of the occasional chocolate bar. So, try to set your priorities straight. When it comes to me I sometimes really binge eat loads of crazy chocolaty and comforty stuff but on the other hand I don’t smoke, and the only liquid I drink 99% of the time is plain water – no sugary juices, no alkohol, no coffee, no diary, and not too much green tea. For me this has worked magic in the past but I leave it up to you to think about your own dietal balance.


It is interesting how unimportant intelligent skin care seems to be in western civilization when compared to Asia. I wouldn’t be able to quote you the exact source but a couple of weeks ago I read this article that estimated Japanese women’s beauty routine amounted up to around 45 minutes per day. This does not account for applying make-up. Figuring out your own beauty routine and keeping it up is a must for reasons of long-term effects while at the same time I think it is a luxury you need to be able to afford (money and time-wise). Still, it all is a matter of priorities.


Let me start by saying that I don’t wear make-up on a regular basis. I guess I’m more of the “perfume is my make-up” type of person. I know we live in the Kardashian era of sparkle and shine and don’t get me wrong: I’m a big fan of the entire clan and know of the importance of make-up and use it on special occasions too. Also, at hardly any point in life could nature immitate the natural glow of highlighter, concealer or the like. Still, I try to keep the number of days with make-up down to a minimum. The point here is that skin is an organ that is very much alive. So that every single cell of your skin needs every single breeze of air it can get all the time (despite the aforementioned gallons of water). When I wear make-up it leaves me feel pasted and this is also what it actually does with your skin. No matter what the ads are saying and how light a foundation is being exploited – make-up will clog your skin cells.


I know that facials and special spa treatments are quite popular currently but I would never do a facial or let anybody touch my face ever except for if it is an emergency I guess. The reason I’m not a big fan is that extensive treatments with acid, lasers, (tiny) needles, or the like are way way way too aggressive for my taste. Of course they abbreviate the skin resurfacing process but it takes just a tiny little bit of patience and your skin will renew in a natural tempo just by itself. Differently, facials that involve various types of oils and creams just leave me with the same sense of clogged cells as does make-up.


I hope this wasn’t too much borecore so far but will cut to the chase now: As I said in my instastories a while ago I am quite rigorous when it comes to skin care. The most important steps in my routine involve:


Old skin cells are slowly being pushed up towards the surface, then dry out and finally come off, right? So, the one thing you want to do is get rid of these dead skin cells in order to prevent any blockages. Hence, what I do twice a week is to exfoliate. Exfoliation means nothing but a light peeling or scrub you do every once in a while in order to free your skin from old cells and more heavy dirty particles. I use the purifying facial exfoliant paste by AESOP.


What follows the exfoliation part is the cleanse with a sensitive washing gel. You can do this part every day since it is meant to clean your skin from perspiration and everyday dirt. I use the fabulous face cleanser by AESOP. Once or twice a week after having cleansed my face I apply a clay mask for a deep cleanse to free my pores. I use the primrose facial cleansing masque by AESOP.


One aspect that tends to be foregotten is toning. Basically, a toner is nothing but the mild version of a cream. It looks like water but is enriched with nutrients and works as a key link between the cleansing and the hydrating part.┬áMy all-time favourite is micellar water since it combines the function of a cleansing product with the attributes of a toner. When I’m too busy and don’t have time for skin care or am travelling micellar water is my panacea. So, after the cleansing part I use micellar water that is enriched with vitamin E. I use the micellar water by NIVEA and top it off with some b & tea balancing toner from AESOP, which contains vitamin B5 and a number of antioxidants.


I have to admit that hydration only makes up a small part of my skin care routine although it is a really important one since it provides the skin with nutrients, keeps it moist and works as a protecting shield against environmental issues. Sun protection is important all-time of the year. Still, I don’t like the additives as studies have shown various (not only positive) effects of constant use of sun protection. This is why I use sun blockers only in summer. Despite that I love to use the lemongrass oil by DR HAUSCHKA and the moisturizing creme by LA MER.


This may sound weird but as far as it is up to me I have encountered that bio or any particular certifications in this respect don’t mean a product will work well with your skin. This is why I prefer brands that use elaborate formula, avoid a number of known-to-be harmful ingredients, and create amazing textures with fairly neutral (but if so rather citrusy) smells. Before buying products try to get a tester and use it at least for one week. The reason why I use so many AESOP products is that they leave me with an absolutely fabulous feeling. The products are refreshing, sensitive, and I see an immediate effect. Still, try to encounter what works best with you. Every once in a while it is just good to let your skin rest.

Finally coming to an end now! I really do hope that you can take some use out of my blog post and wish you all the best with encountering your own skin care routine. Let me know what you think!