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Hey you guys! The Great Lent started as of wednesday and I was curious to know whether you are fasting and if so in which respects. At the very least, I wanted to share my thoughts on fasting with you.

Historically speaking fasting was established by church as a forty day austerity aiming to recreate and refeel Jesus Christs fasting in the desert. Back then the consumption of all kinds of victuals such as meat, sugar, dairy, and wine was traditionally kind of forbidden. This asceticism was meant to increase the mindfulness of people and bring them closer to god. I am not particularly religious but do believe that the concept of mindfulness is incredibly important – especially nowadays: We are permanently overwhelmed with all kinds of impulses, being always on line, and constantly within reach. I love blogging about all the things that interest me but handling the blog as well as my full-time job can be quite stressful at times. The past couple of weeks were really busy and left me feeling pretty rushed. During such phases I always tend to forget about taking time for myself and going slowly about my scheme. This especially includes making wise food choices as e.g. digest slowly and generally speaking making baby steps to reach your goal. What happens when I’m stressed is the opposite: I then eat loads of glutenous bulks, have tremendous chocolate cravings, and feel full all the time. A couple of days ago I attended the launch of the new gourmet cleanse Chef’s Delight by star chef Tim Raue where I tasted one of his signature dishes (crab with pickled water melon and char caviar) and was absolutely shocked about the gustatory sensation this dish evoked in me. Hence, all of those aspects are the reason why I decided to be a little more mindful regarding my food choices for the next couple of weeks.

I am not a fan of drastic methods though I love to speak about diets and at least try one or the other idea just for fun – even though Simon really hated me after my three day cabbage soup experiment. However, after all, I really much prefer the idea of a healthy balanced nutritional plan without any restrictions or rules except for recommendations such as “et metiri omnia” (lat. all with measure). Since I’ve reached this moment where you really stop feeling comfortable because you’ve had like a huge bowl of delicious oily gulasch, and two giant chocolate croissants, and still feel you could go for another bar of chocolate. I decided to do some research on the various cleanses and do a light form of juice and soup cleanse. Basically, I don’t feel I could really stick to a juice cleanse since I need the energy to focus during work. What’s more, I simply need carbs and loads of protein for my long runs on the weekend and don’t want to crush my system. I find the best option for me is the combination of a curated ready-made program with something “proper” at lunch time. Before I go into detail please note that this article is not sponsored by any means:

I decided I will have a RAUCH JUICE BAR juice for breakfast. When you pick a so-called “Schlaumeier” you can choose four ingredients and the important part here is to stick to veggies and keep fructose levels down. I already tried some variations and guess I will vary the following: 1. cucumber, avocado, celeriac, fennel // 2. cucumber, avocado, spinach, strawberry // 3. cucumber, red beetroot, celeriac, raspberries. Then I am planning to have lunch as usual, and after that have two PURE DELIGHT soups, all of which is finally topped of with a bottle of Pure Delights legendary Nuty Milk in combo with a handful of almonds for dinner. I really love Pure Delight since they prepare everything completely fresh – nothing is pasteurized or HPP-treated (unlike more favourable producers such as Kale & Me, Frank Juice, Lieferei, Juice Deli, and many more). Of course it would be highly recommendable and budget-friendly to just prepare everything by myself but lately I have hardly any time to just sit down and relax for like an hour let alone prepare a more nutritional and healthy meal.

I guess I will just try and see how it goes the upcoming Monday. Not sure yet if I will be able to stick to my scheme but will keep you updated on my IG stories as usual. It’s not the prior reason why I want to fast but as goes the saying – bikini bodies are made in winter… Without too great expectations but in cheerful spirits this leaves me to wait for Monday and hold out until spring though February really feels like “it was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

cheerio guys!