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I love food. Everybody who knows me can confirm that I could go on snacking for ever. Fooling around with @grhrdjrdn while feasting on one of my all time favourite types of food – dumplings aka kn√∂del – was also how my blog pseudonym originated. But let me tell you this: If it weren’t for some healthy snack alternatives I’d weigh a ton by now. So let me introduce my favourite healthy, unprocessed, and quick DIY snacks to you…
#favie no.1 are almonds and bananas. I love almonds and I think I grew really obsessed with the tiny little nuts. Also I think I wouldn’t be able to survive even one day without a handful of natural almonds. Even though nuts contain quite a lot of calories they are a really healthy supply of magnesium, vitamins E + B, calcium, and make you feel saturated for quite a while. Differently when it comes to bananas I always feel like I can’t eat a whole banana at once. Hence I take half a banana and add one or two spoons of unsugared peanut butter – I encountered this peanut butter to be the best if you are still on the scout.
APPROX. CALORY INTAKE: 10 kcal per almond, 120 kcal for a medium banana.

#favie no.2 is a really simple sweet snack that consists of yoghurt, apple sauce, and raspberries. The pros: It tastes amazing, you can prepare it within 30 seconds, it makes you feel full, and you could go on eat as much as you like without having a bad conscience. The cons: There are none. Also, this snack does one really important thing: It combines loads of protein with a little healthy carbs.
APPROX. CALORY INTAKE: depends on the serving but a jar of apple sauce (350g) has around 150 kcal, and a big jar of 3.5 % fat yoghurt (400g) around 250 kcal.

#favie no.3 porridge with maple syrup and dried fruit. Basically, the only thing you need here is hot water, porridge, and 5 minutes to let it soak. I also love to add a little maple syrup and dried apricots – I find the unsulfurated dried apricots you find here taste the best. This dish contains all the essential nutrients.
APPROX. CALORY INTAKE: 100g of porridge contain around 350 kcal, and 1 dried apricot comes to 20 kcal.

#favie no.4 hummus, feta, and pretzels. I encountered this combination just a couple of weeks ago in a grocery store and am hence super thrilled with it. A fresh pretzel substitute I can recommend is celery.
APPROX. CALORY INTAKE: 50g pretzels have 200 kcal and 100g of hummus around 160 kcal.