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I love to click through the various stories and pictures on instagram. It sooths my voyeuristic longing to know what people do, how they spend their days, and what they think about life. One particular aspect stroke me though, which is that you (yes all of you) love to make the most out of your time. Either you are energetically working out, or preparing food, writing blog posts, going running, reading intellectual pieces of literature, spending time with your loved ones, planning life, or procrastinating on netflix with a guilty conscience. I’m the same 90% of the time but for the ten percent left I just love to do nothing. It is an obligation we owe to ourselves in a productivity driven time era so I thought I’d scratch down my thoughts …


I feel really lucky to have been brought up by the best parents one could ever imagine. Up until I was seventeen – which is when I left to study in Vienna and become what everybody calls an independent young adult – we basically followed three rules at home: 1. Business comes before pleasure aka work hard and be diligent 2. Everybody can do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody aka respect other peoples integrity, and  3. You will work your entire life, so enjoy your childhood aka never regret a thing. In summer my fellow class mates often would do summer jobs while I could just play without feeling the pressure to acquire working time or money. My parents would always say “Later on you will have enough opportunity to work but will never have this much freedom.”
About half way through the holidays I’d really feel the ultimate bore core and at times even wish for school to start in order to have something meaningful to do. In retrospective, I’m really glad that I didn’t have a smartphone back then and pay all respects to children nowadays since all this social media and smart device bubble makes it pretty hard to focus or just unwind. However, to cut to the point: Doing absolutely nothing now and then is worth everything. Doing nothing means to actually do something by yourself that you encounter is not useful by any means to you or anybody else without having a bad conscience while doing so – and yes, this definitely includes binge watching series. Don’t get me wrong: Being productive and efficient is extremely important in order to move forward in life.
I have a full-time job and on evenings as well as weekends I work on my blog, excercise, and try to meet as many friends as I can. Basically, this leaves hardly any time for anything else but I always take those ten percent of my time to do nothing and recharge. You can go think about life and death or simply think about nothing. The important part is that you learn to make room to focus on yourself. Bearing this in mind makes it pretty easy to relax because you grow to learn that there is time were you can just exist and were ‘doing nothing’ is validated as being actually useful. In the long run this practice kind of tought me to be more mindful and steadily unlock my capacities. However, it’s up to everyone to do as pleases them right so I’ll leave everything else up to you.