Last week I spent a couple of days in Rovinj, whis happens to be one of the most picturesque cities in Croatia and in general. Basically this was one of my favourite types of holidays – namely one that is filled with loads of spare time, no obligations, and hardly any plans. Many of you…Read more “Rovinj”

I guess everybody has these inconspicious material vitalities they couln’t do without. Here are my top 5: + Almonds + Micellar water + Sports bras + Perfume + Jumpsuits  

Have you ever given a thought about role models? For various reasons role models are some chameleon-like mixture of idols and inspirational figures. While I don’t have many role models, there are some people who have been quite inspirational for me for various reasons, among them A. my parents for just being absolutely all-time fabulous and supportive…Read more “ROLE MODELS”

This post is a short and crispy ode to boomerang, which I love almost as much as @kopfzirkus and @erick_knight do. They create pretty crazy dope stuff though. What I love about simple apps as this one is: Just think about how the alleged simplicity of modern technology enables us to reinvent perception and inhale…Read more “BOOMERANG”