Think I haven’t yet told you about my latest IG crushes that follow the absolutely fun episode with CHRIS PRATTS‘ diet phase. So, I am currently super crazed with two accounts: @90stherock – this fancount is permanently posting the same picture with a different hilarious joke about the Rock’s sixpack. Also as a huuuge fan of…Continue Reading “90ies loops”

A couple of weeks ago I gave this short but crisp interview on what makes me happy and the motivation behind the foundation of this blog. Thank you so much for the opportunity HANNAINTHEHOUSE. You can read the full interview HERE.

I guess everybody has these inconspicious material vitalities they couln’t do without. Here are my top 5: + Almonds + Micellar water + Sports bras + Perfume + Jumpsuits  

Have you ever given a thought about role models? For various reasons role models are some chameleon-like mixture of idols and inspirational figures. While I don’t have many role models, there are some people who have been quite inspirational for me for various reasons, among them A. my parents for just being absolutely all-time fabulous and supportive…Continue Reading “ROLE MODELS”

This post is a short and crispy ode to boomerang, which I love almost as much as @kopfzirkus and @erick_knight do. They create pretty crazy dope stuff though. What I love about simple apps as this one is: Just think about how the alleged simplicity of modern technology enables us to reinvent perception and inhale…Continue Reading “BOOMERANG”