Think I haven’t yet told you about my latest IG crushes that follow the absolutely fun episode with CHRIS PRATTS‘ diet phase. So, I am currently super crazed with two accounts: @90stherock – this fancount is permanently posting the same picture with a different hilarious joke about the Rock’s sixpack. Also as a huuuge fan of…Continue Reading “90IES LOOPS”

You all know that I am super picky when it comes to skincare. I use micellar water and skin toner on a daily basis and that’s basically it. Only recently, I was going on errands in DM where I stumbled upon BIORÉ – a multinational brand from Japan who features a skincare series that involves…Continue Reading “BIORÉ”

A couple of weeks ago I gave this short but crisp interview on what makes me happy and the motivation behind the foundation of this blog. Thank you so much for the opportunity HANNAINTHEHOUSE. You can read the full interview HERE.