Have you ever given a thought about role models? For various reasons role models are some chameleon-like mixture of idols and inspirational figures. While I don’t have many role models, there are some people who have been quite inspirational for me for various reasons, among them A. my parents for just being absolutely all-time fabulous and supportive…Continue Reading “ROLE MODELS”

This post is a short and crispy ode to boomerang, which I love almost as much as @kopfzirkus and @erick_knight do. They create pretty crazy dope stuff though. What I love about simple apps as this one is: Just think about how the alleged simplicity of modern technology enables us to reinvent perception and inhale…Continue Reading “BOOMERANG”

I came to think about couture lately since I was invited to visit Vienna’s renowned Kaffeesiederball and the absolutely glamourous ELTON JOHN ACADEMY AWARD VIEWING PARTY – on both events I had the honor to wear couture made by LENA HOSCHEK ATELIER head Thomas Kirchgrabner. The dresses couldn’t be more different and both in their own way matchless by…Continue Reading “Haute Couture”

Behind every blogger girl there stands a deeply loving and super patient #instagramhusband. I use to shoot with many friends but overall it’s been mainly superduper amazing bae Simon who’s been the behind-the-scenes of kristinaknoedel. He helps me with curating the “Album of the Week” section up on the blog. In addidtion to that Simon is part of the music…Continue Reading “Main Crush: Instagram Husband”