Behind every blogger girl there stands a deeply loving and super patient #instagramhusband. I use to shoot with many friends but overall it’s been mainly superduper amazing bae Simon who’s been the behind-the-scenes of kristinaknoedel. He helps me with curating the “Album of the Week” section up on the blog. In addidtion to that Simon is part of the music…Continue Reading “Main Crush: Instagram Husband”

Tristesse outside, jamboree inside. In this most dreary of months take-away means staving off the January blues with delicacies. Here are my TOP 6 when it comes to take-away or ordering food in Vienna. TIGER 1070 – Tiger is my all-time number one. I love Tiger so much that I sometimes ponder with horror upon what would happen if this inconspicious family-run…Continue Reading “Favourite Take-aways in Vienna”

        Finally, she’s back! The number 6 on instagram only-topped-by-Selena-Gomez Kim Kardashian finally is back. After the Paris incident it got pretty quiet around the queen of contouring and now she returned; with more vintage atmosphere and more family quality time sneak peeks, check it out.          

Dolce & Gabbana and Jimmy Choo really are way out in front of the #glamlook but cheaper alternatives can compete quite as well. Sparkling glitter upgrades a daily outfit making the look more funky and exceptional. Best way to wear it during the day is the glamheel-socks combo. Jeans and a sweater bring the look down to earth.